Sunday, November 29, 2009

Child abuse by Catholic Church clergy

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Here is an article in The Spectator by Alex Massie which follows the child abuse issue in Ireland by Catholic clergy. I'm sure you can find more stories in your own country. Makes me wonder why I've never written about this abuse before.
We also see sex abuse claims in religious cults. Can anyone make the connection? Institutions of abuse. If its moral to give, its practical to take/receive. I thus suggest you approach life as a 'trader' exchanging value for value, whereby you show some regard or respect for your counterparty.
Andrew Sheldon
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Attention all atheists!!
In fact anyone who has had an interesting encounter with a Christian which involved manipulation, deception or blatant rationalisation. This is research or material for a forthcoming book. I am not suggesting that all Christians are criminals, dangerous or threats to society, but I am suggesting that Christianity is a basis for moral inefficacy. There is a reason why Christian nations are always at war. There is a reason why former Christians (or children of Christians) have a tendency to drift into cults and extreme religious groups. Thank you for any life experiences you can recall. ----------------------------------------------- Andrew Sheldon