Sunday, February 22, 2009

When religious people protest - Part 1

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Religious people are among the most vocal of protestors. I don't disparage them for their right or inclination to protest - I disparage them for their lack of consideration, their lack of evidence, and for actually being part of the problem. Take for instance of the disappearance of Caylee Anthony, the missing daughter of Casey Anthony. Casey's parents called '911' to report the re-appearance of their daughter, and the disappearance of their grand daughter. They told the police that their daughter disappeared with their car a month ago, and has since returned without their granddaughter. Casey is a suspect in the disappearance of Caylee, and the grandfather might be a suspect also.
In this video clip we can see some very self-righteous people protesting about the disappearance of the child. What is amazing is that they have no idea about the facts. The grandparents have shown consideration and concern for Caylee, but CAUGHT ON VIDEO, as they drive off, look at how these protestors treat their child, who lies injured on the ground.

What is the justification for these self-righteous people hounding these people. One has to acknowledge that these protestors are very vocal about an incident that is peripheral to their lives. Might one assume that the protestors are themselves victims of incest? Unfortunately victims don't make the best defenders of justice. They don't make great parents; but they do make great participants for a lynch mob.

I am not suggesting that the grandparents are without blame. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Caylee's death is suspicious. Its possible that George molested his daughter, or that his daughter killed Caylee. She may have rationalised that Caylee is evil, maybe that its her father's child. I don't know. One cannot make accurate assertions without more evidence. The grandfather has since been hospitalised for suicide. The question is why? Did he feel guilty for incest? Did he fill guilty for raising a possible murderer? Maybe he was simply overwhelmed by the relentless hounding by the press and protestors. We can only wait as more evidence unfolds.

So what is the link to religion you might ask? I suggest you will find it in the family, and even in the protestors. Its evident in the dogmatic assertions detached from reason.
Andrew Sheldon
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Attention all atheists!!
In fact anyone who has had an interesting encounter with a Christian which involved manipulation, deception or blatant rationalisation. This is research or material for a forthcoming book. I am not suggesting that all Christians are criminals, dangerous or threats to society, but I am suggesting that Christianity is a basis for moral inefficacy. There is a reason why Christian nations are always at war. There is a reason why former Christians (or children of Christians) have a tendency to drift into cults and extreme religious groups. Thank you for any life experiences you can recall. ----------------------------------------------- Andrew Sheldon